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July 5, 2009

How to default to “Fixed” component tag-IDs

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(note: this posting first published December 2007 on the old blog)

A  “fixed” electrical component tag means that AutoCAD Electrical will not updating / re-tagging the device’s tag-ID assignment. If you insert a solenoid symbol and manually assign it a tag pulled, let’s say, from a P&ID drawing, it is open to an accidental re-tag update unless you specifically mark it as a “fixed” tag-ID.

When you instruct AutoCAD Electrical to flip a component tag from normal to “fixed” mode, all it does is change the component block insert’s attribute tag name from “TAG1” to “TAG1F”. This is done “on-the-fly” without disturbing the block insert.
How can I avoid forgetting to flip to “fixed”?
Now, if/when AutoCAD Electrical wants to do a re-tag, either because the component is moved or scooted to a different reference location on the drawing or the “Re-tag” command is invoked, any components marked with the extra “F” suffix on the TAG1 attribute are left alone… their existing tag-ID is “fixed”.
Could the Insert/Edit dialog automatically pop up with the “Fixed” toggle turned on? Unfortunately, “No”. But then Gerald came up with an alternate approach that is probably even better… open key library symbols and just change the TAG1 attribute definition from TAG1 to TAG1F. Save and Exit. Simple!
Example: the parent solenoid symbol “HSV1.dwg”
Just browse to the active symbol library and open up the solenoid symbol and open in AutoCAD. Change the existing TAG1 attribute definition to TAG1F as shown here. Save and exit.


In operation

Now, when this symbol is inserted into a new or purged drawing, the Insert/Edit dialog automatically comes up with the “Fixed” toggle turned on.




 Simple, elegant solution. Good job, Gerald (he’s in the blue shirt, pictured here at last month’s Autodesk University)!


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