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July 5, 2009

How to undo the “Do not show me this again” selection

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Have you thought this?… “Gee, if I select ‘Do not show me this again’… it seems so permanent. What if I someday I regret this, I want to change my mind. Am I doomed?…”

I felt that fear at one time in my life, but no more. Go ahead. Hit the toggle with an easy conscience knowing that, in this case, “never again” doesn’t have to be forever.


Here’s an example (provided by Autodesk’s Pat Murnen)… the Terminal Strip Editor tool may sometimes throw this alert message:



If I don’t want to see this message for the next couple days while working on this old project… but don’t want to lock myself out for eternity, can I hit the “Do not show me…” toggle?

Answer: Yes

No problem. When you’re ready to restore this or any other accumulated “no shows”, just get into the normal AutoCAD “Options” dialog. Select the “System” tab and then the “Hidden Message Settings” button.



This sub-dialog pops up showing you which are your system’s hidden messages. Toggle the ones you want to start seeing again.

Redemption! It’s so good.


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