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July 5, 2009

Quiz #2 – AutoCAD Electrical

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(note: first appeared in April 2008 on the old blog)

Okay, here’s the next AutoCAD Electrical quiz. This one is a brain teaser. Give it a shot.

 Quiz #2 Challenge

You have an AutoCAD Electrical schematic set that needs special wire numbering. The drawing shown below is one of a subset of drawings that is to be part of circuit group “XYZ”. The drawing’s sheet number is 27 and the drawing is set up with “X Zone” numbers across the top of the drawing.

Wire numbers need to be in this format: CCC-SS.Z/NN where

“CCC” = the circuit group assignment (ex: circuit grouping “XYZ” assigned to this drawing and several others in the project)

“SS” = drawing’s Sheet number assignment (ex: this drawing marked as sheet “27”)

“Z” = the vertical cross-reference zone number (ex: image below shows zones 2 through 5)

“NN” = unique incrementing number per zone, begin with “01”



 Below is what you want AutoCAD Electrical to do… put in unique wire numbers as shown… and do it automatically.


There’s the challange. How do you set up this drawing to make it happen?

quiz02.dwg – here is a copy of the above sample drawing for you to test your solution against. Add it to any project and then run “Insert Wire Numbers” command / drawing-wide.

If you come up with a solution that you think will work, you can “turn it in”. Email to We’ll “grade” ( ! )  and maybe post results a bit later.


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