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August 17, 2009

Dual range wire number tagging: Power vs. Control – AutoCAD Electrical

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Setting up different wire tagging sequentials for power wiring versus control wiring

This is a follow-up to the last posting that dealt with wire tagging format based upon wire type. 

Let’s say that the customer specifies wire number tagging beginning at “1” for wiring that begins or is contained on “power” schematics. For all controls schematics, the customer wants wire number assignments to begin at number “1000”.

Initially you might scratch your head on this one. But using a little trick, it ends up that it is very easy to set up AutoCAD Electrical to automatically assign and track multiple sets of next available wire numbers.

Here’s how

Your project set has 10 power schematics and 30 controls schematics. On all of the power schematic drawings you go to “Drawing Properties” and set up for “Sequential” wire numbering with a starting number of “1”.

Power Schematics

This is how you’d set the Drawing Properties on all 10 of the power schematic drawings.


Controls Schematics

Here is how you’d set up the Drawing Properties for each of the 30 controls schematics:



Ready for Project-Wide Wire Numbering…

You need to make sure that this option is selected… the option to begin sequential wire number calculation based upon the drawing properties starting sequential stored on each drawing:


It Works

So, as AutoCAD Electrical processes wiring project-wide, it looks at the starting sequential on each drawing. For each power schematic, the starting number is “1”. So it starts at “1” and works its way up, checking all drawings, until it finds the next unused wire number 1 or greater. When it hits a controls schematic, it does the same thing but starts at number “1000”.

This will fail to give desired results if AutoCAD Electrical finds more than 999 power wires. In that case, power wiring would start to compete with controls wiring for the next available wire number 1000 or greater. AutoCAD Electrical would still maintain unique wire numbers… you’d just have a mixture of power and control wiring in the 1000 range and higher.


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