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September 10, 2009

Invoking the old, “classic” version of Symbol Builder

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I’ve spent the last week or so creating library symbols and circuits from a set of existing, dumb AutoCAD schematic drawings. It’s just a matter of picking some existing geometry out of a drawing, wblocking it out to a new name, and then making it “AutoCAD Electrical smart”.

There is a tool in AutoCAD Electrical to help streamline this “make symbol smart” process – i.e. converting text to the attributes AutoCAD Electrical wants to see and adding in new, invisible attributes for wire connection points. It is the “Symbol Builder” tool and is selectable from the ribbon or toolbar UI. The current implementation of Symbol Builder is based upon AutoCAD’s “Block Editor” feature.

But, under some conditions, I yearn for the clunky old version that was in AutoCAD Electrical long ago. The one with the minimal interface and features. For certain repetitive tasks, once mastered, I could really churn out converted symbols.

This last week was one of those times. This “classic” version of Symbol Builder is still in the code, it’s just been replaced in the UI by a call to the newer “Block Editor-based” version. I was able to launch the older version by typing this at the “Command:” prompt – wd_sym_build [Enter].


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