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October 26, 2009

Vertical SCOOT work-around – AutoCAD Electrical

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Overriding a propensity for AutoCAD Electrical’s cool “Scoot” command to default to “horizontal” mode

This was another “head-scratcher”. The task seemed so simple. Just create a horizontal and vertical version of an electrical symbol to represent a multi-ratio current transformer. Should be easy, piece of cake…

… but, when finished and testing the results, the horizontal version worked great and SCOOTed great, but the vertical version behaved unexpectedly.

Here’s are a couple instances of the new horizontal symbol inserted into a bus wire. The Scoot command works as expected.


Right click on the symbol, select SCOOT command, and slide it over to the right…


… and click. Everything stretches/trims/reconnects nicely.


But not the Vertical version ( ! )

The vertical version wants to scoot horizontally on the horizontal connected wire. What’s going on??


The problem: the SCOOT command appears to have a built-in bias to default to horizontal scooting. If there are the same number of horizontal wire connection points as there are vertical wire connection points on a symbol, and at least one wire connects to each type, the SCOOT command defaults to horizontal scoot mode.

Here’s the exploded vertical version of the custom CT symbol:


There are two vertical wire connection attributes, X2TERM04 and X8TERM03 (where the 2nd character of 2 or 8 flags vertical). There are two horizontal wire connection attributes, X4TERM02 and X4TERM01 (where the 2nd character of 1 or 4 flags horizontal connection). So, equal number of horizontal and vertical… and the SCOOT command defaults to horizontal scooting.

The Work-around

On a tie vote, horizontal wins. So we need to stuff the ballot box with an extra “vote” for vertical. Here’s the work-around. Add a dummy vertical wire connection attribute to the symbol so that the vote will end up being 3 vertical versus 2 horizontal… and scoot will go with the vertical majority.

Add the unused dummy vertical wire connection attribute at a point on the symbol where it will likely not be accidentally used. Here’s the example for the above symbol:


Not necessary, but used an odd suffix value of “99” to make it “stand out” from the others.


Now, it scoots vertically, very nicely!


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