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April 8, 2010

Off-beat Uses of Toggle NO/NC Command – AutoCAD Electrical

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The tool normally used to do in-place block/attribute swapping between two closely named schematic blocks can have other, off-beat uses.

Autodesk’s Nathan Eliason hosted a webcast yesterday morning that focused on AutoCAD Electrical’s contact and pin assignment tracking features. I helped put the demo together and was responsible for the real-time Q & A support while Nathan was on stage.

One of the unexpected things shown yesterday was using AutoCAD Electrical’s “Toggle NO/NC” command for other stuff. A small portion of the presentation is reproduced here, picking up in the middle of the relay contact / pin number assignment demo where the “Toggle NO/NC” command is used to switch a N.O. relay contact assignment to use a N.C. contact instead…

That was the conclusion of the “normal” use of the command. Now the demo turned to unexpected uses. Here are the next couple slides.

First example is using the command on some custom one-line symbols. These were user-created (not in the shipping product) but the block naming for the pair of left and right-hand “current transformer” symbols followed the requirements outlined above.

And then this example… create two versions of a “DIP” switch following the naming convention above…

Pretty cool.

Webcast posting for rerun viewing…

This webcast should be available at this link, or go to the main site here:

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