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May 7, 2010

Suppressing the “OK to QSAVE” Prompt – AutoCAD Electrical

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A change on one drawing that needs to update related drawings prompts for QSAVE permission. Here’s how to automatically blow past it.

AutoCAD Electrical is very flexible. It is also very conservative and asks you for permission before doing some multi-drawing update tasks. One of these is for permission to QSAVE the active drawing.

This will allow AutoCAD Electrical to commit the active drawing’s changes to the project’s “scratch” database before moving on to updating the related drawings. In practically all cases this is what you want to do. But AutoCAD Electrical prompts for permission before it moves forward.

The first time it pops up you can select the “Always QSAVE” button and not see this again during the AutoCAD session. But maybe one time is one time too many.

Here’s how to do a “Never ask me this again”.

Method 1 – Modify the AutoCAD Electrical environment settings file “wd.env”

Step 1 – find this ascii text file called wd.env. The easiest way to find it is to use the AutoCAD Electrical API call for finding support files. Type this at the AutoCAD command line prompt:

Command: (c:ace_find_file “wd.env” 3) [Enter]

The full path to the file should display on the command line. It will likely show double backslashes. This is normal. Visualize a single backslash for each double backslash pair.

Step 2 – Make back-up copy of this wd.env file

Step 3 – Open wd.env with any ASCII text editor (example: notepad).

Scroll down to near the end of the file. Look for the entry highlighted here:

Step 4 – Remove the leading asterisk (*) character from this line and save the file.

That should do it and will take effect the next time you restart AutoCAD Electrical. You shouldn’t see the “OK to QSAVE this drawing?” prompt again.

Method 2 – Pre-setting Lisp global GBL_wd_qsok

This is an alternate method. There is a Lisp global in AutoCAD Electrical called GBL_wd_qsok. When it is set to a text value of “1” (not an integer value of 1), then the “OK to QSAVE this drawing?” prompt is suppressed. 

So, to use this method, you somehow need to execute this Lisp expression:

(setq GBL_wd_qsok “1”)

You can probably make this happen in any number of ways – menu file, some start-up function, script, or even just type it at the command line prompt when you start AutoCAD Electrical.


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