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July 11, 2010

QSELECT driving PROPERTIES command

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The AutoCAD PROPERTIES command can be driven by a filtered selection set created by the QSELECT (Quick Select) command or sub-dialog.

NOTE: 100+ other AutoCAD Electrical utilities indexed here.

Working on a potential customer’s sample drawing, I converted a complex collection of dumb graphics into an AutoCAD Electrical “smart” symbol. Works fine but the wire connection attributes ended up being very tiny because the graphics was scaled in metric units and the default wire connection attribute definition text size was coming in assuming imperial units. 

Normally would have just moved on… the converted symbol works great. But the wire connection points are hidden behind connection dots that are part of the symbol. I’d rather these wire connection attributes be big enough to at least extend a bit beyond the dot so that it is obvious that they’re there.

So, how to quickly adjust the text size of these 60+ wire connection attribute definitions? Could write a little AutoLISP utility… but how about using something already built into AutoCAD?


The PROPERTIES command seemed like the right tool to make the actual text height change. But how to carefully select the 60-plus attribute definitions, almost all of which are hidden behind other graphics?

With a little tinkering, the “Quick Select” mode with filtering did the trick. Here’s the sequence:

This should bring up the “Quick Select” sub-dialog. If it does not, just type QSELECT [Enter] at the AutoCAD ‘Command:’ prompt. Select Attribute Definition as shown below.

And we want to filter on the attribute definition Tag names. The wire connection attributes expected by AutoCAD Electrical follow the naming convention X?TERM?? where the first “?” is a 1, 2, 4, or 8 and the last two form an incrementing number value (starting at “01”). So we’ll just enter in X?TERM?? where the “?” wild-card represents any single character.

That’s it. We hit OK and the “Quick Select” finds 62 attribute definitions that have a “Tag” value that wild-card matches string ‘X?TERM??’.

Now, the fun part. Adjust the text size in the PROPERTIES dialog and all 62 tiny attribute definitions resize and now reveal themselves!


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