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September 25, 2010

Move/Show Attribute: flipping to Show mode when no geometry to pick – AutoCAD Electrical

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AutoCAD Electrical’s Move/Show attribute tool flips to the “show” display / list mode if you pick on the geometry of a block and not on one of its attributes. Here’s an undocumented work-around to get into Show-mode when a block insert consists of just attributes (and no geometry, for example, an AcadE wire number block insert).

Move/Show Attribute

Here’s where it is on the AcadE ribbon…

Move Attribute mode

First, let’s review its normal “Move Attribute” mode. In this example it’s shown in a “Move Attribute” crossing-window mode:

We flip to the “Window” mode above to move multiple attributes at one time (or could pick four individual attributes, either way…).

Now we give a base point and then a “To” point, just like the AutoCAD “MOVE” command.

And there we are. All the windowed attributes have moved.

Show Attribute mode (when geometry is present)

Here is the other mode of this command, the “show” mode. We pick on geomerty of a block (instead of picking on an attribute to move). All of the block’s attributes are displayed in a list dialog. We can edit them or toggle them between visible and invisible.

Show mode – When block has no geometry ( ! )

Okay, now we’ve finally arrived at the reason for this posting. If there’s no geometry in a block insert (just attributes), then there is no good way to force the Move/Show Attribute command to go into “Show” mode. You pick on the only visible thing associated with the block, an attribute, and the command assumes that you want to “Move” that attribute.

Here’s the workaround… just type “B” + [Space-bar] at the “Select attribute to Move or pick on block graphics for list”  prompt. Then pick on the attribute. The Move/Show Attribute command will flip to the “Show” mode.


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