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March 13, 2015

Retiring an ITEM number assignment — one approach

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There is a need to be able to “retire” an ITEM number assignment when an old AutoCAD Electrical project set is later upgraded. Perhaps an electrical device originally specified, installed, and operated is now part of an overall control system upgrade. It was assigned an item number and showed up in the BOM, but now is to be upgraded and replaced with something better. But the user doesn’t want the old item number to be re-used for the new device… or ever used again for anything in this project.

How to do this? One potential way is illustrated below. But is there a better way?


(update — thought a bit more about the original posting… and came up with a slightly modified approach. New screenshots below)


Now let’s say you’re ready to “re-sequence” the ITEM numbers. BUT… you don’t want the re-sequence to affect the item numbers that you’ve marked as “retired” (i.e. those pushed into the little legend table and marked as MFG “_NOT USED”. Here’s how it can be done:



Now, when user launches the Re-sequence command, the “retired” items are all grouped at the very top of the “Manufacturers to Process” list, under “_NOT USED”. Just unselect this manufacturer and all of the “Retired” item number assignments are preserved through the item number re-sequence operation.






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  1. Is a good idea

    Comment by tonymynd — March 13, 2015 @ 10:35 am

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